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Strong, concise statements of objectives are always an essential component of any lesson plan. Once the objectives have been determined, the lesson and unit plan design follows. New teachers should develop thorough lesson plans, in part to ensure that important details and concerns have not been overlooked, but also because it provides a disciplined and structured way to think about the art of teaching. …well-stated objectives should still be a primary concern for the veteran as well as the novice teacher. In general, a good lesson plan will contain variations of the following items: *Title and brief introduction of the concepts to be addressed. *Goal(s) or the relationship of the lesson to the purposes of the curricular goals. *Rationale… why are the students learning this. *Instructional Objectives, and *Resources… all relevant vocabulary and definitions, books, audio visual aids, articles. (adapted from The Art Teacher's Desktop Reference by Michael E. Parks.(Prentice Hall, 1994) p.19-21. (UA H.T.Coutts Educ Ref: N 353 P252 1994))
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     Welcome to - an online directory of free lesson plans for K-12 teachers. Our library of lesson plans covers many subjects including Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology and more. Select a category below to choose from a variety of featured lessons. Lessons consist of applicable grade, materials needed for each lesson, the objective of the exercise, the procedure, how to evaluate the students progress and final enrichment activities. The site was created for teachers to intermix methods and knowledge of teaching solutions. If you have a lesson plan you would like to share with others please submit it here.
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