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The Arts Lesson Plans  
  1. An Art lesson plan using Science and see-through fish.
  2. Another Art lesson, this one using math (less than and greater than).
  3. An Art lesson plan using rhyming in poetry.
  4. An excellent Art lesson for the first day of school called My Favorite Things.
  5. An Art lesson written in SPANISH for Kindergarten.
  6. An Art lesson that uses Language Arts to help teach Creative Movement.
  7. An Art lesson on Aboriginal art in Australia.
  8. A lesson on creating Kente cloths.
  9. A great Thanksgiving lesson on texture called Textured Turkeys.
  10. A fun Thanksgiving lesson plan called Musical Turkeys.
  11. This Art idea involves making Thanksgiving collages from magazines.
  12. Using Karo Syrup to create Art (Can be used for Special Education).
  13. A Thanksgiving plan for creating "Leaf Turkeys"
  14. A Writing and Art activity about "When I Grow Up..."
  15. This Art idea makes the students think about what they look like when they Sleep.
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