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Technology Lesson Plans  
  1. This very fun idea is called Musical Computers (Chairs).
  2. This lesson is on Writing a Story with Storybook Weaver software.
  3. This simple idea uses Computers to learn about the Planets.
  4. This lesson plan is on the Interacting Systems of the Human Body.
  5. This lesson on Immigration involves a "Journey Through Ellis Island" and Internet sites.
  1. An interesting idea for a Web Wall Bulletin Board where students interactively share website ideas.
  2. This Typing lesson makes use of the Tab key to create a Bingo board.
  3. This fun Scavenger Hunt idea takes place on a computer (with any good reference CD-ROM)
  4. This lesson teaches the Parts of Speech by using Computers
  5. A Computer and Art lesson plan called Electronic Pizza that uses the Paint Program


  1. This lesson is meant to help students Understand Hurricanes (uses Internet sites).
  2. This idea involves Research, Writing and creating a Time Capsule covering the 20th Century.
  3. A Science lesson on Weather on the Internet.
  4. This idea for Word Usage involves the use of an Internet site.
  5. This one involves Computer Spreadsheets and Probability.
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